Tutorial – Breathing

Tutorial – Breathing

In these tutorials I will clarify in simple language how to practice and become efficient and successful in the art of breathing, both technically and musically.

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Tutorial – Breathing 2

Tutorial – Breathing 2

This tutorial is quite anatomical in its content but I promise there will be no long Latin words and I will not burst into a chorus of the skeleton song or “the leg bone is joined to the hip bone.”

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Online Tutorials

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Melodies for Developing Tone and Articulation 

Articulation – Muisical Exercises to develop the technique of the tongue

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Querfötespielerein – (deutsch)

Tonleitern rauf und runter – (deutsch)

I love Scales – (english)

Hight Performance Flute – (english)

AMA Flute 2000 – (english)

AMA Flute 2000 – Getting On With It

High Performance Flute – The Sequel

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